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full of energy (Wasilla, Alaska )
I'm bored and trying to find a new play mate, I have the house to my self till 27th, so I might aswell have a good time! I like to experiment, role playing is something i like, what are you adult singles reply soon.......

suk me baby.....!! - w4m (Wasilla, 99654 , Matanuska Susitna County)
come to suk me b4 fuking hardly for fun lets hang out with you wang outAny black men looking to have a good time this weekend? Not looking for a relationship, please hit me adult singles Send me a picture and let's see what happens! I will send you a photo in return!



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Your tongue vs. My clit (Wasilla, 99654, AK )
My clit is throbbing and I could really use a talented tongue. Usually guys brag about being good at oral but I've yet to experience it. I'm a very attractive blk female, nice body,38dd tirs. Hopefully I can find someone with a adult dating website fetish also. Pl [...]

spanking your wife - w4m (99654, Wasilla, Alaska)
i never share i m 42 married. my husbND SPANKING FOR 10 YEARS. IM CAN BE BITCHY AND VERY RESPECTFUL. RECENT MOTHER DY MY ADULT KIDS SAW AND HEAR THIER addy apanking me . my mother in law ahare me the she get spanked my adult single IN LAW SHE LET MY SON LEARN ON ME AND SISTER I M NOT SURE ABOUT SHARE YOUR THOGHTS

suck on my nipples (99654, Wasilla, AK, Matanuska Susitna County)
i want you to suck on my big long nipples really good. put both nipples adult singles your mouth at the same time and suck on them. age and location in reply

Depends on what exactly you mean by sexy and who's doing the looking. Of course good looks are an initial advantage but there is so much more with 40 + women that you don;t get with younger women.

I know what your cock wants (Wasilla, Alaska )
I just love blow job. I often even try it with my fellows in my office honestly. Don't care what you think but I know what your cock adult finder Will u let me handle this. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . ...????

Read on and then contact (99654, Wasilla, AK)
It's 12:22AM on Monday, June 4, 2012, I can hear the ocean from my windowI am lying in bed in the dark, a candle is burning next to me. I am naked, my pink blanket covers my legs, my laptop in my lap. I'm bored, I can't sleep. I am 5'8'', 180 lbs with wild brown hair and hazel eyes. I have D-Cups, i like when you play with them. I don't mind when you use your teeth or slap them - anything - you can be rough, I won't mind. I'm trying to be quiet because my roommate is still watching TV in the living room and the walls are thin but the more excited i get the harder it is for me to control my volume. I have my favorite pandora station playing in the background but it only helps a little - i like talking dirty - I like hearing you tell me I'm a slut, I'm your slut who likes you to pound on her so hard and so rough. You're careful with me, you've earned my trust - I know I'm safe with you and that's why I let you do whatever you want to do to me. I've let my right hand fall down to my pussy - its trimmed but not shaved - the hair has been growing in so I can get waxed for you - I know you like me smooth sometimes and since the summers coming up I wanted to make you happy. i quickly lick my 3 fingers - the spittle makes it easy for my fingers to slide across my clit sending a tingle up my spin. My nipples are so hard right now they almost hurt - all i can think about is how much i need a good fuck. I've been thinking about it all weekend and now I'm laying here alone and the fantasy has been building and I NEED A GOOD FUCK. I want you to come over here and throw me to my knees, I want you to fuck my mouth, i want you to make me take you into my mouth until i choke and then I want you to push harder, I want you to do this while you tell me how you're gonna fuck my ass - how I belong to you, how you are the only one who can make me come and I am going to know that you are right.I've been rubbing my clit - i need more, I'm so horny.I pick up my pink vibrator but keep it on a low setting so the roommate doesn't hear. I know what going to feel best right now, its the only way to really make me feel full - First I spit on my middle finger and i start rubbing my asshole, I make little circles until I'm ready to slide my finger into my ass - I slide it in slow I''M SO TIGHT IT HURTS, ouch - but with the hurt comes my first rush of pleasure - I keep going with my finger until my ass feels ready to take something a bit larger. I take my pink vibrator and spit on it, I put it up to my ass and slowly begin rubbing my ass with my vibe. I start rubbing my clit again - this is what I've craved - I push the vibe into my ass going slow at first but once i've gotten it in, once i feel it pushing me open and I start pushing back I know I'm ready. I start sliding it in and out of my ass fast and faster, than i push it in deep - I'm rubbing my clit and fucking my ass and can barely breath - I want to cry and scream and come, I really need to come, I know its going to feel so good once I do, I'm thinking of you as i grab my tits, squeezing my nipples, twisting them, I wish you were the one fucking me in the ass - it would feel so much better if it were you, if you dick was inside me, if I could feel you release your hot load in my asshole, its seeping out of me as i curl up in a ball shivering from an unbelievable orgasm you gave me. My back arcs, my breath speeds up - it's a release - not the one I'm really craving because you're not here - but it holds me over for now - i slide my vibrator out of my ass and put it away - I lay there naked still thinking about the things I wish you'd do personals me, you make me yours, you'd make me come so hard it would be unbelievable. You are my hero, I'd do anything for you because I am yours and you're mine. I know you'll make me satisfied because I trust you so much - I gave you the book, the book of other stories, just like this...stories about how you tie me up, you let other men fuck me, take me to the gun range, spank me, choke me, slap me, fuck me in public, finger bang me in the movies, fuck me in the car, dress me, take me out and show me off but always no matter what you protect me. I'm yours and these are your stories, I've written them and I want you to enact them, make them real for both of us.Let's just talk and see if you can keep up without being creepy, I'm not looking for a sleaze bag, just for someone fun who will come play with me NSA. Pictures appreciated. 420 Friendly.

Roommate Is Gone For Spring Break (99654, AK, Matanuska Susitna County)
My roommate is out of town and I need to take advantage of the time I get to myself. Anyone want to pound my wet pussy with a giant adult singles She isn't going to be out of town long so you need to hurry up. Let me know ASAP